Canon imageRUNNER 2530i

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Canon imageRUNNER 2530i

Brand name Canon
Item Weight 68 Kg
Product Dimensions 68 x 56.5 x 80.6 cm
Item model number 2835B008
Series Imagerunner 2530I
RAM Size 512 MB
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Canon imageRUNNER 2530i

This compact device offers small and medium workgroups cost-effective black and white output at up to 30 ppm/CPM, color scanning, and advanced digital send functionality. With an intuitive touch-screen display, excellent energy efficiency, and optional inner finisher, this device will save time and cost.

imageRUNNER 2530i

Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Benefits

  • Print, copy, scan, send, and optional fax
  • Up to 30 ppm
  • Up to 2,300 sheet maximum paper capacity
  • Intuitive touch-screen display
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Network ready, PCL and optional PS support
  • Energy efficient
  • uniFLOW and e-Maintenance compatibility

Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Canon imageRUNNER 2530i

Canon iR 2530i with DADF and Duplex

Advanced Productivity

The daily demands of fast black and white printing are met with speeds up to 30 ppm and highly responsive recovery from sleep mode. Combined with up to 2,300 sheet paper capacity, these Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) are ideal for busy, small, and medium workgroups with high print copy volumes.
A large touch-screen display with intuitive menus makes the imageRUNNER 2500 series easy to use, enabling users to save time and do more. With color send users can quickly and efficiently scan in color straight to a variety of destinations. In addition, these models offer the convenience of scanning directly to a USB memory stick.

Cost control

Compatibility with Canon’s uniFLOW software provides greater transparency of costs, allowing you to track as well as charge specific print jobs to individuals, departments, locations, and projects.
Compatibility with Canon’s e-Maintenance can further improve uptime through remote diagnostics, automated meter readings and consumables monitoring to reduce administrative time. And with click charging, you only pay for what you print giving you greater control of costs.


A built-in security feature means prints are “held” until the relevant user identifies themselves, using a PIN number. This prevents documents from piling up in output trays and being viewed by unauthorized eyes. Up to 100 can be stored at once. Alternatively, with Canon’s uniFLOW solution, this can be combined with card security systems, enabling users to instantly access and print as many jobs as they wish. And once printed, they’re automatically deleted for watertight document control.

Network Integration

This model can be easily connected to your IT network, as well as integrated into your existing IT systems with PCL and optional PostScript support. Once connected, iW Management Console (iWMC) enables you to manage and monitor your whole fleet, from a single point of control.

Lower environmental impact

These ENERGY STAR® qualified models offer one of the lowest TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption)* ratings in their class and consume as little as 1.5 W in sleep mode. Highly productive double-sided printing, as standard, saves more cost and time as well as paper.

* Methodology defined by ENERGY STAR (


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Office Black & White Printers | 2530i Buy, Best Price. Global Shipping.



Desktop or Free-standing, (Reader-Printer Combined)


Maximum Original Size




Copy Sizes


Cassette 1,3 and 4: A3, A4, A4R, A5R

Custom size: 139.7 to 297mm x 182 to 432mm

Cassette 2: A3, A4, A4R, A5R, Envelope (with optional Envelope Feeder Attachment-D1)

Stack Bypass: A3, A4, A4R, A5R, Envelopes

Custom size: 99 to 297mm x 148 to 432 mm




Reading: 600dpi × 600dpi

Copying: 600dpi × 600dpi

Printing: 600dpi × 600dpi, 1200dpi x 1200dpi (UFRll-LT only)

Number of Tones: 256 Gradations


Copy/Print Speed



imageRUNNER 2545i/2545 : 45ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2535i/2535 : 35ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2530i/2530 : 30ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2525i/2525 : 25ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2520i/2520 : 20ppm (BW)


imageRUNNER 2545i/2545 : 22ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2535i/2535 : 22ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2530i/2530 : 15ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2525i/2525 : 15ppm (BW)

imageRUNNER 2520i/2520 : 15ppm (BW)




Zoom: 25-400%

Fixed: 25%, 50%, 70%, 100%, 141%, 200%, 400%


First Copy Time


Black-and-White: 3.9sec (45/35 ppm model), 5.4sec (30/25 ppm model), 6.4sec (20 ppm model)


Warm-Up Time


30 seconds


Multiple Copies/Prints


1 to 999 sheets






Paper Weight


Cassette: 64 to 90g/m2

Stack Bypass: 64 to 128g/m2

Duplex: 64 to 80g/m2



Paper Capacity


Cassette 1: 550 sheets (80g/m2), (250 sheets for the imageRUNNER 2520i/ 2520)

Cassette 2: 550 sheets for imageRUNNER 2525/i, 2530/i, 2535/i, 2545/i. 50 envelopes (with optional Envelope Feeder Attachment-D1)

Stack Bypass: 100 sheets (A4,A4R,A5;80g/m2), 50 sheets(A3;80g/m2)


550 sheets x 2 cassettes (80g/m2)

550 sheets x 1 cassette for imageRUNNER 2520/2520i only

Paper Deck: None

Total capacity: 2,300 sheets,(2,000 sheets for the imageRUNNER 2520i/ 2520)




Canon Custom Processor, 400MHz




512MB (imageRUNNER 2500 i models), 256MB (imageRUNNER 2500 non i models)


Hard Disk Drive






Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T), USB Host I/F 2.0 x 1 port, USB Device 1.0 x 1 port


Power Supply


220-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 4.2A (45/35 ppm model), 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 3.3A (30/25/20 ppm model)


Power Consumption


1.827kW (45/35ppm model), 1.345kW (30/25ppm), 1.542kW (20ppm model)

Lot26 (




imageRUNNER 2545i/ 2545/ 2535i/ 2535 :

565 mm x 680 mm x 806 mm (with the platen cover)

565 mm x 689 mm x 907mm (with the DADF)

imageRUNNER 2530i/ 2530/ 2525i/ 2525 :

565 mm x 680 mm x 806 mm (with the platen cover)

565 mm x 689 mm x 896 mm (with the DADF)

imageRUNNER 2520i/ 2520 :

565 mm x 680 mm x 681 mm (with the platen cover)

565 mm x 689 mm x 771 mm (with the DADF)




imageRUNNER 2545i/2535i :

Approx. 78.4 kg, imageRUNNER 2545/2535: Approx. 70.5 kg

imageRUNNER 2530i/2525i :

Approx. 77.5 kg, imageRUNNER 2530/2525: Approx. 68.0 kg

imageRUNNER 2520i :

Approx. 56.0 kg, imageRUNNER 2520: Approx. 50.5 kg





UFRII-LT, PCL5e/6 (standard on i models, optional on non i models), PostScript level 3 emulation (optional)




600 x 600dpi, 1200dpi x 1200dpi (UFRll-LT only)




512MB (Canon imageRUNNER 2530i series i models), 256MB (imageRUNNER 2500 series non i models)


Hard Disk






Canon Custom Processor, 400MHz


PS Fonts


Roman 136


PCL Fonts


Roman 93


Supported OS


PCL: Windows 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/ Server 2008/ Windows 7

Postscript level 3 emulation: Windows 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/ Server 2008/ Windows 7, Mac OS X (10.4 or later)

UFRII-LT: Windows 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/ Server 2008/ Windows 7, Mac OS X (10.4 or later), Linux

Mac-PPD: Mac OS X 10.4 or later




Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T)


Network Protocol


TCP/IP(LPD/ Port9100, HTTP), SMB, SNMP v1, WSD, IPv4/ IPv6 support


Pull Scan


Network TWAIN Driver (75/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 300dpi 8bit color / 75-600dpi 1bit Black & white)





CLR SEND KIT-Y1 (standard on i models, optional on non i models)



Scan speed


A4, 300dpi, BW/Color: 45/34 ipm (45/ 35 ppm model), 25/13ipm( 30/ 25/ 20 ppm model)


Scan Resolution


BW: 100 x 100 dpi, 150 x 150 dpi, 200 x 100dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 200 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi

CL:100 x 100 dpi,150 x 150 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 300 x 300dpi




E-Mail/ Internet FAX(SMTP), PC/Server (SMB,FTP), USB memory key


Address Book


Local (Max. 500)


File Format


TIFF, JPEG, PDF, High compression PDF

Searchable PDF (optional with SEARCHABLE PDF-C1 )





DADF-AA1 optional for imageRUNNER 2545/2535, standard for imageRUNNER 2545i/2535i.

DADF-AB1 optional for imageRUNNER 2530/2525/2520, standard for imageRUNNER 2530i/2525i/2520i



Paper Size


imageRUNNER 2545/2535: A3, A4, A4R, A5, A5R

imageRUNNER 2530/2525/2520: A3, A4, A4R, A5, A5R

Custom size 139.7 to 297mm x 182 to 432mm


Paper Weight


imageRUNNER 2545/2535:

Single sided original: 42 to 128 g/m2

Double sided original: 50 to 128 g/m2

imageRUNNER 2530/2525/2520:

Single sided original: 37 to 128 g/m2

Double sided original: 50 to 128 g/m2


Max. Number of Originals


imageRUNNER 2545/2535:

100 sheets (A4, A4R, A5, A5R: 80 g/m2), 50 sheets (A3: 80 g/m2)

imageRUNNER 2530/2525/2520:

50 sheets (A4, A4R, A5, A5R: 80 g/m2), 25 sheets (A3: 80 g/m2)


Document Scanning Speed


imageRUNNER 2545/2535:

Copy: 45ipm (A4, 600 x 600 dpi: BW )

Scan: 45/34 ipm (A4, 600 x 600 dpi: BW / 300 x 300 dpi: Colour)

imageRUNNER 2530/2525/2520:

Copy: 25ipm (A4, 600 x 600 dpi: BW )

Scan: 25/13 ipm (A4, 600 x 600 dpi:BW / 300 x 300 dpi: Colour )




imageRUNNER 2545/2535: 565 mm x 540 mm x 137 mm

imageRUNNER 2530/2525/2520: 565 mm x 544 mm x 126 mm


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Weight


imageRUNNER 2545/2535: Approx. 7.9 kg

imageRUNNER 2530/2525/2520: Approx. 7.0 kg



Model Name


CASSETTE UNIT-W1 for imageRUNNER 2520/i

CST. Feeding UNIT-AE1 for all models


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Type


CASSETTE UNIT-W1: Front-loading adjustable drawers

CST. Feeding UNIT-AE1: 2 Front-loading adjustable drawers


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Paper Weight


CASSETTE UNIT-W1: 64 to 90g/m2

CST. Feeding UNIT-AE1: 64 to 90 g/m2


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Paper Capacity


CASSETTE UNIT-W1: 550 sheets (80 g/m2) x 1 cassette

CST. Feeding UNIT-AE1: 550 sheets(80 g/m2) x 2 cassettes


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Dimensions (W x D x H)


CASSETTE UNIT-W1: 565 mm x 680 mm x 97 mm

CST. Feeding UNIT-AE1: 565 mm x 680 mm x 248 mm


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Weight


CASSETTE UNIT-W1: Approx. 12.8kg

CST. Feeding UNIT-AE1: Approx. 24.0kg


Canon imageRUNNER 2530i FINISHER



Optional Inner Finisher-B1 for all models



Number of Trays


One stack tray (Optional 2nd Tray; INNER FIN ADD. TRAY-B1)


Tray Capacity


A4 – A5R:1000 sheets (or 125 mm in height)

A3, A4R: 500 sheets (or 62.5 mm in height)


Staple Position


Corner, Double


Staple Capacity


A4: 50 sheets x 30 sets

A4R/ A3: 30 sheets x 15 sets



Tray Capacity


Tray A – A4: 250 sheets, A3: 100 sheets

Tray B – A4:100 sheets, A3: 50 sheets




Approx. 0.6kg



Other Accessories (Optional)


Platen Cover Type P: Platen cover to be selected when configuring Canon imageRUNNER 2530i 2525/2530 without DADF

Platen Cover Type Q: Platen cover to be selected when configuring Canon imageRUNNER 2530i 2535/2545 without DADF

Stamp Ink Cartridge-C1: Stamp Ink Cartridge

Stamp unit-B1: Stamp Unit

ADF Access Handle-A1:Attaches to the document feeder, making access easier for seated users

PCL Printer Kit-AF1: Supports PCL5e and PCL6 printing for non-i Models

PS Printer Kit-AF1: Supports PostScript Level 3 Emulation printing

Barcode Printing Kit-B1: Provides Barcode printing capability using Jet Caps technology

Super G3 Fax Board-AG1: Add fax functionality

FL Cassette-AJ1: This spare 550-sheet tray for cassette “1” of Canon imageRUNNER 2530i 2525/2525i/2530/3530i/2535/2535i/2545/2545i

FL Cassette-AK1: This spare 550-sheet tray for cassette “2” of Canon imageRUNNER 2530i 2525/2525i/2530/3530i/2535/2535i/2545/2545i

or for Cassette Feeding Unit-AE1 or Cassette Module-W1 allows you to swap paper sizes without changing the printer settings

FL Cassette-AL1: This spare 250-sheet tray for cassette “1” of Canon imageRUNNER 2530i 2520/2520i allows you to swap paper sizes without changing the printer settings

Cassette Spacer-A1: Adjusts the height for 250-sheet cassette when combined with optional Cassette Feeding Unit-AE1 or Cassette Module-W1 on imageRUNNER 2520/2520i only

Envelope Feeder Attachment-D1: Attaches to cassette “2” for easy envelope feeding

Canon imageRUNNER 2530i Plain Pedestal: The pedestal substitutes for the cassette feeding unit and raises the device,

2 Way Unit-B1: Enhances the double-sided print productivity up to 100%

Reversal Pass Unit(2-Way Unit) option for Canon imageRUNNER 2530i 2520/2520i/2525/2530

Staple-J1:Staples for Inner Finisher-B1

Document Tray-J1: Handy tray that attaches to the side of the device and provides a location for placing originals

Power Supply Unit-U1: Power Supply Unit.

Card Reader Attachment-D3: Attachment kit for Card Reader-F1

Canon Card Reader-F1: Physical card access system that limits system access to authorized users

USB Application 3-Port Interface Kit-A1: 3-Port USB interface kit for USB memory

CCVI I/F Cable-A1: Interface Kit for Coin-Vender

C-EXV33 TONER BK: Toner for Canon imageRUNNER 2530i2520/2520i/2525/2525i/2530/2530i

C-EXV32 TONER BK: Toner for Canon imageRUNNER 2530i 2535/2535i/2545/2545i


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