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The Cisco CISCO2911/K9 Cisco 2900 Series Routers builds on the best-in-class offering of the existing Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers. All Cisco 2911 Integrated Services Routers offer embedded hardware encryption acceleration, voice- and video-capable digital signal processor (DSP) slots, optional firewall, intrusion prevention, call processing, voicemail, and application services. In addition, the Cisco 2911 Routers support the industries widest range of wired connectivity options such as T1/E1, T3/E3, xDSL, copper and fiber GE.

Key Features

  • Services integration – The Cisco 2911 ISRs offer increased levels of services integration with voice, video, security, wireless, mobility, and data services, enabling greater efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Services On Demand – A single Cisco IOS Software Universal image is installed on each ISR G2. The Universal image contains all of the Cisco IOS technology sets which can be activated with a software license. This allows your business to quickly deploy advanced features without downloading a new IOS image. Additionally, larger default memory is included to support the new capabilities. The Cisco Services Ready Engine (SRE) enables a new operational model which allows you to reduce capital expenditures (CapEx) and deploy a variety of application services as needed on a single integrated compute services module.
  • High performance with integrated services – The Cisco 2911 enables deployment in high speed WAN environments with concurrent services enabled up to 75 Mbps. A multigigabit fabric (MGF) enables high-bandwidth module-to-module communication without compromising routing performance.
  • Network agility – Designed to address customer business requirements, the Cisco 2911 modular architecture offers increased capacity and performance as your network needs grow. Modular interfaces offer increased bandwidth, a diversity of connection options, and network resiliency.

Cisco IOS Software Licensing and Packaging

A single Cisco IOS Universal image encompassing all IOS technology feature sets is delivered pre installed with the Cisco 2911. You can enable advanced features by activating a software license on the Universal image. In previous generations of access routers, these feature sets required you to download a new software image. Technology packages and feature licenses, enabled through the Cisco software licensing infrastructure, simplify software delivery and decrease the operational costs of deploying new features. Four major technology licenses are available on the Cisco 2911 Integrated Services Routers; you can activate the licenses through the Cisco software activation process identified at The four licenses are as follows:

  • IP Base: This technology package is available as default.
  • Data.
  • Unified Communications.
  • Security (SEC) or Security with No Payload Encryption (SEC-NPE).

For additional information and details about Cisco IOS Software licensing and packaging on Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers, please visit

Unified Communications, Collaboration, and Voice-Gateway Services

The Cisco 2911 Integrated Services Router is the foundation for collaboration in the small and midsize branch office, serving as a critical component of a Cisco’s video architecture (Medianet) and enterprise Unified Communications solution. With embedded voice services and a wide range of supported telephony interfaces, Every Cisco 2911 Router delivers maximum deployment flexibility for the distributed enterprise. Unified communications is enabled through a rich signaling and media-processing infrastructure, including a variety of protocols, media interworking, signal and media security, transcoding, conferencing, and QoS. Cisco Integrated Services Routers also feature a wide range of voice-gateway interfaces, supporting a broad array of signaling and physical network interfaces.

The Cisco 2911 enables a full range of existing and emerging video services, with scaling improvements to support Cisco TelePresence conferencing, security, and session control. The Cisco Unified Border Element extends these capabilities for business-to-business TelePresence communications. The Cisco 2900 Series adds support for the new Cisco High-Density Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Module (PVDM3), which has been optimised for voice and video support. The new PVDM3 modules support all voice-gateway functions of earlier generations of PVDMs and add higher density and more processing power to support emerging rich-media applications. The Cisco 2900 Series provides 2 or 3 onboard PVDM3 slots, depending on the platform.

VoiceXML Application Services

The Cisco 2911 ISR also supports standards-certified VoiceXML browser services. VoiceXML is an open-standard markup language used to create voice-enabled web browsers and IVR applications. Just as HTML enables you to retrieve data with a PC, VoiceXML enables you to retrieve data using voice or dual-tone-multifrequency (DTMF) telephony input. The Cisco 2911 Routers can deliver a much higher range of concurrent voice-gateway services combined with VoiceXML browser services, for up to 200 sessions on the Cisco 2951.

Integrated Network Security for Data, Voice, Video, and Mobility

Security is essential to protect a business’ intellectual property while also ensuring business continuity and providing the ability to extend the corporate workplace to employees who need anytime, anywhere access to company resources. As part of the Cisco’ SAFE architectural framework that allows organisations to identify, prevent, and adapt to network security threats, the Cisco 2911 Integrated Services Routers facilitate secure business transactions and collaboration.

The Cisco IOS Software Security technology package for the Cisco 2911 offers a wide array of common security features such as advanced application inspection and control, threat protection, and encryption architectures for enabling more scalable and manageable VPN networks. The Cisco 2911 Router offers onboard hardware-based encryption acceleration to provide greater IPSec throughput with less overhead for the route processor when compared with software-based encryption solutions. Cisco Integrated Services Routers offer a comprehensive and adaptable security solution for branch offices that includes features such as:

  • Secure connectivity: Secure collaborative communications with Group Encrypted Transport VPN, Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), or Enhanced Easy VPN
  • Integrated threat control: Responding to sophisticated network attacks and threats using Cisco IOS Firewall, Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS, Cisco IOS Content Filtering, and Flexible Packet Matching (FPM)
  • Identity management: Intelligently protecting endpoints using technologies such as authentication, authorisation, and accounting (AAA) and public key infrastructure (PKI)

Detailed information about the security features and solutions supported on the Cisco 2911 is available at

Managing Your Integrated Services Routers

The new Integrated Services Routers continue a tradition of broad and deep manageability features such as IP service-level agreement (IP SLA), Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM), and NetFlow which allow you to know the status of your network at all times. These features, along with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and syslog, enable your organisation’s management applications.

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