HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server

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HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Specifications:

Processor family Intel Xeon Scalable processors
Processor core available 28 or 26 or 24 or 22 or 20 or 18 or 16 or 14 or 12 or 10 or 8 or 6 or 4, per processor, depending on model
Processor cache 13.75 MB L3, 16.50 MB L3, 19.25 MB L3, 22.00 MB L3, 24.75 MB L3, 27.50 MB L3, 30.25 MB L3, 33.00 MB L3, 35.75 MB L3, 38.50 MB L3, per processor, depending on model
Processor speed 3.6 GHz, maximum depending on processor
Power supply type 4 HPE Flexible Slot Power Supplies, maximum depending on model
Expansion slots 16 maximum, for detail descriptions reference the QuickSpecs
Maximum memory 6.0 TB maximum


HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server


The HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is a secure, highly expandable, 4P server with high-performance, scalability and availability in a 4U chassis. Supporting the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with up to a 28%1 performance gain, the HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server delivers greater processing power than previous generations. This provides up to 6 TB of 2666 MT/s memory with up to 66% greater memory bandwidth2, up to 16 PCIe 3.0 slots, plus the simplicity of automated management with HPE OneView and HPE iLO 5. HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is the ideal server for business-critical workloads and general 4P data-intensive applications where the right performance is paramount.

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Features:

Scalable 4P Performance in a Dense 2U Form Factor

The completely redesigned HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server provides 4P computing in an expandable 4U form factor and supports up to four Intel Xeon Platinum and Gold processors which provide up to 28% [1] more processor performance and 17% more cores than the previous generation.

Up to 48 DIMM slots which support up to 6 TB for 2666 MT/s HPE DDR4 SmartMemory. HPE DDR4 SmartMemory improves workload performance and power efficiency while reducing data loss and downtime with enhanced error handling.

Choice of HPE FlexibleLOM Adapters offers a range of networking bandwidth (1GbE to 25GbE) and fabric so you can adapt and grow to changing business needs.

HPE Innovation with Intelligent System Tuning enhances workload performance using customized profiles to tune internal resources; improves workloads such as high-frequency trading with jitter smoothing and provides added performance with core boosting SKUs.

Flexible New Generation Expandability and Reliability for Multiple Workloads

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server has a flexible processor tray allowing it to scale up from one to four processors as needed, saving on upfront costs and the flexible drive cage design supports up to 48 Small Form factors (SFF) SAS/SATA drives and a maximum of 20 NVMe drives.

Supports up to 16 PCIe 3.0 expansion slots including up to four full length/full height graphics processing units (GPUs), as well as networking cards or storage controllers offering increased expandability.

Up to four, 96% efficient HPE 800W or 1600W Flex Slot Power Supplies which enable higher power redundancy with 2+2 configurations and flexible voltage ranges.

Secure and Reliable

HPE iLO 5 enables the world’s most secure industry-standard servers with HPE Silicon Root of Trust technology to protect your servers from attacks, detect potential intrusion and recover your essential server firmware securely.

Millions of lines of firmware code run before server operating system boots and with Runtime Firmware Validation; enabled by HPE iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition, the server firmware is checked every 24 hours verifying validity and credibility of essential system firmware.

Secure Recovery allows server firmware to roll back to the last known good state or factory settings after detection of compromised code.

Additional security options are available with, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), to prevent unauthorized access to the server and safely stores artefacts used to authenticate the server platforms while the Intrusion Detection Kit logs and alerts when the server hood is removed.

Agile Infrastructure Management for Accelerating IT Service Delivery

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server combined with the HPE OneView software provides infrastructure management for automation simplicity across servers, storage and networking.

A suite of embedded and downloadable tools is available for server lifecycle management including Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), Intelligent Provisioning; HPE iLO 5 to monitor and manage; HPE iLO Amplifier Pack, Smart Update Manager (SUM), and Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP).

Services from HPE Pointnext Services simplify all stages of the IT journey. Advisory and Transformation Services professionals understand customer challenges and design a better solution. Professional Services enables rapid deployment of solutions and Operational Services provides ongoing support.

HPE IT investment solutions help you transform into a digital business with IT economics that aligns to your business goals.


Hardware Specs:

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server

The HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is a high-density, four-socket server with high performance, scalability and reliability, all in a 4U chassis. Supporting the latest 2nd generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

The HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server offers greater processing power, up to 6 TB of faster memory, IO of up to sixteen PCIe 3.0 slots, up to 12 TB of HPE Persistent Memory plus the intelligence and simplicity of automated management with HPE OneView and HPE iLO 5.

The HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is the ideal server for business-critical workloads, virtualization, server consolidation, database, business processing, graphics-intensive and general 4P data-intensive applications where the right performance is paramount.

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Front View
HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Front View

  1. Quick removal access panel
  2. Box 2 (8 SFF or 6 SFF+2 NVMe or 8 NVMe SSD optional)
  3. Box 3 (8 SFF or 6 SFF+2 NVMe or 8 NVMe PCIe SSD optional)
  4. Front USB 3.0 port
  5. Power On/Standby button and system power LED button
  6. Health LED
  7. NIC Status
  8. UID Button/LED
  9. iLO Front Service Port (not available with SID)
  10. Front USB 3.0 port
  11. Serial label pull tag
  12. Box 6 (8 SFF)
  13. Box 5 (8 SFF)
  14. Box 4 (8 SFF or Universal Media bay)
  15. Optional front display port (via Universal Media Bay)
  16. Optional 2 SFF HDD, requires optional Universal Media bay
  17. Optional USB 2.0 (via Universal Media Bay)
  18. Optical Drive (Optional)
  19. Box 1 (8 SFF or 6 SFF+2 NVMe or 8 NVMe (supports only 4 NVMe drives) SSD optional)

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Rear View
HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Rear View

  1. PCIe Slots (Slots 1-7 top to bottom), requires primary riser
  2. PCIe Slots (Slots 8-14 top to bottom), requires secondary riser (includes tertiary riser)
  3. PCIe Slots (Slots 15-16 top to bottom), requires tertiary riser (included with secondary riser)
  4. Power supply Power LED (max. 4)
  5. Power supply power connection (max. 4)
  6. HPE Flexible Slot Power Supply, 800W PS shown (max. 4)
  7. Serial connector
  8. Dedicated iLO network connector
  9. VGA (video) connector
  10. USB connectors 2.0 (2)
  11. USB connectors 3.0 (2)
  12. Unit ID LED
  13. FlexibleLOM ports (Port 1 on right side)

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Internal View with upper CPU mezzanine tray
HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server Internal View with upper CPU mezzanine tray

  1. The left connector used for DL580 4-port NVMe Mezzanine card (Daughter card)
  2. Upper CPU Mezzanine Board Kit
  3. 2 Processors, heatsink showing on upper CPU mezzanine board kit
  4. DDR4 DIMM slots. Shown fully populated in 24 slots (12 per processor)
  5. Optional secondary PCIe riser (includes tertiary riser)
  6. Primary PCIe riser
  7. 2 Processors
  8. DDR4 DIMM slots on CPU board kit. Shown fully populated in 24 slots (12 per processor) under the air baffle
  9. Fan cage shown with 12 standard Hot-plug fans
  10. (Under) Max. 4 Hot Plug redundant HPE Flexible Slot Power supplies
  11. Optional Tertiary riser (included with secondary riser)
  12. Handle for removing upper CPU Mezzanine Board Kit
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HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server